The Consortium

The Consortium of AGID Project is composed by 7 different organisations, both from different backgrounds (university’s bodies and social services providers’ organisations) and from different countries.
Indeed, it is useful to present all the partners, in order to observe their experience on the issue of ageing and intellectual disabilities, and in order to look through their roles within the Consortium:


La Fondation A.P.E.M.H (Association de Parents d’Enfants Mentalement Handicapés) is a national NGO working in Luxembourg for the support of people with intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities and dual diagnosis. The principal aim of the association is to improve the quality of life of their client groups, as also to ensure their social and vocational inclusion. A.P.E.M.H has numerous services in various areas, such as residences, educational support structures to enable people to live in the community, sheltered workshops and a training centre -UFEP- for professionals in the field.


De Montfort University (DMU) is based in Leicester, England, UK and boasts 13 National Teaching Fellows, higher education’s most prestigious teaching awards. This is one of the highest numbers awarded to any university since the scheme began in 2000. The university’s pioneering research, driven by over 1,000 research students and supported by 500 staff, is internationally renowned and addresses some of the most critical issues affecting our world. Subject matter experts and distance learning develiopment staff in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences are contributing to this project.


University of Vienna is the largest teaching and research institution in Austria. The project partner will be the department of clinical psychology, which has a special focus on research topics in the field of intellectual disability and aging. The partner has a high competence in designing and offering training courses, in designing research and evaluation, and in dissemination activities (publications and conferences).The partner organisation has broad experience in jointly developing curricula and training modules especially in the context of EC funded projects.


ARFIE- Association de Recherche et de Formation sur l’Insertion en Europe brings together at European level various partners involved in the care and support of disabled people, associations of and for disabled people, training bodies, researchers and professionals all working in initial and continuing training; ARFIE is a member of the European Disability Forum and has been organizing training modules for professionals working with people with disabilities. It has also held conferences and issued reports on various important issues in the disability sector. The role of ARFIE will mostly focus on dissemination of the project outcomes through its European network (EDF and Inclusion Europe). ARFIE could also promote regional surveys and targeted studies through members not directly involved. ARFIE will play an active role during the project Final Conference through direct dissemination among its members.

Cadiai Logo CADIAI (Cooperativa Assistenza Domiciliare Infermi Anziani Infanzia) is a social cooperative and has been operating in the services to disabled people as a managing agency of services. It has also assisted many persons in the difficult transition to aging. CADIAI has created a work group called “Disabled become Old” composed of an expert in training process, a pedagogue and two researchers of the University of the Studies of Bologna. CADIAI operates since its foundation (1974) in the area of the services to the elderly, in domiciliary, semi residential and residential services.

Association “Les Genêts d’Or” was created to promote the establishment of structures to meet the needs of rural families in the department of Finistère (France). Its statutes define its purpose by the recognition, hospitality, support and integration of persons with disabilities and dependent people. It currently manages 24 properties, hosting over 1500 people and conducts studies on the aging of the population. It also provides individual responses and / or group best suited to peculiar situations.

ZONNELIED vzw is a national NGO working in Belgium for the support of people with an intellectual disability, multiple disabilities and dual diagnosis. The principal aim of the association is to improve the quality of life of their client groups. They have numerous services in various areas, such as residences, day care center, supported employment. ZONNELIED vzw has been working for 30 years as a service provider (home, work, leisure, education, health, support …) and has been faced with the growing challenge of aging of people with disabilities.